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Finding high quality garments and giving them a new life, that's our job. We love to show you how great, unique, sustainable and affordable our clothing is. Our ambition is to make second-hand clothing the standard worldwide.

Most items on ThriftTale are second-hand. Our team of experts carefully selects and assesses the quality and authenticity of all items. We only sell branded clothing of which we can guarantee the authenticity.

The condition of the product is always shown. We select new items every day and add them to our collections. Each item is unique and available in just 1 size, nothing can be re-ordered. If you fall in love with an item, do not hesitate and decide quickly. Unfortunately, it is not possible (yet) to reserve items for a certain amount of time. Items in our webshop are available for everyone, even if you have added them to your shopping cart or wish list. So, it can happen that an item disappears from your shopping cart during shopping, because someone else just bought it. If you want to be sure of your purchase, we advise you to order the item directly.

Didn't get what you expected? The item doesn’t fit? Returning is no problem at all, more information about returns can be found under the icon returns.

All items are thoroughly reviewed, we use the following marks to indicate the quality of an item:

New item
This item is new, sometimes with the tags still attached.

Like new

This item is in excellent condition (little to no signs of wear).


This item is in good condition with little signs of wear.


This item is in used condition and has signs of wear (light spots or pilling).


This item is in poor condition (loose stitches or buttons, stains, pilling).

Your investment is secure as we guarantee every item we sell is authentic. Each piece undergoes a rigorous, multi-point inspection by expert authenticators. Only items that have full confidence of legitimacy and authenticity are accepted.

The authentication process begins with a thorough inspection done by hand. Materials, workmanship, details, tags, labels, logos and other markings are inspected. Research is then conducted on each item’s style and brand. This way, we can determine whether it is a real ‘designer item’, or whether it is a counterfeit item.

Our team of experts carefully selects and assesses the quality and authenticity of all items, they also assess whether an item is vintage. In the vintage category you will find real vintage items (the items are at least 20 years old).

Each item is unique at ThriftTale. Second-hand clothing, vintage items and handmade items, our range is very diverse. Each item of clothing placed on our website can’t be restocked and there is only one size available. That means that there is little chance that someone will walk around with the same vintage item as you. How nice is that?

ThriftTale has signed the 'Fur Free Declaration'. With this declaration we declare not to sell clothes made of real fur. The reason for this is that the production of fur has a big impact on the environment. The chemicals needed to prepare fur are very harmful. In addition, fur is many times more harmful than textiles in terms of, for example, ozone pollution, formation of fine dust, soil acidification and land use. Fur production has serious consequences for animal welfare, we think it is out of date. Nowadays, beautiful replacements are made so we think it’s unnecessary to sell fur in our webshop.

Fresh, fresher, freshest. Normally, when you think of second-hand clothing, you quickly think of musty smells, we are happy to prove the opposite to you! Although not all clothing is washed in our warehouse, the items of clothing we sell are anything but dusty and dirty. The previous owners of the items have worn and treated the clothes with love. Items that smell, are dirty and / or unwearable are not offered by us in the webshop.

This moment, clothing can’t be turned in to us. Please do not throw your clothes in the garbage. Try to repair it first and if that doesn't work, give it away, throw it in a textile bin or take it to a charity shop!

The items in our webshop originate from bankruptcies, leftover stock and collections. We also buy our (vintage) clothing from suppliers from all over Europe. There is only one available of each item. Every day we photograph new items and they are placed directly online in our webshop.

We think it is very important to participate in a circular economy. Therefore, we make sure that our 'B-quality' clothes, as we call them, are not simply destroyed. These clothes are exported to countries where they can still use the clothes. For the future, we would of course prefer that these clothes are recycled so that they can be made into textiles again.

We always use the European size (EU).

Within 48 hours of receiving your item, please send an email to webshop@thrifttale.com clearly describing your complaint or question along with a picture of the item. We will answer your question as soon as possible.

Our product specialists determine the prices of the products. We pay attention to supply and demand, current trends, condition, fabric composition and brands. This way, we try to give a fair and affordable price to each product.

Do you have questions about a specific garment? For example about the material, conditon or when you are not sure about the right size? Please do not hesitate and contact us. You can ask your question on the ‘About us’ page.

Would you like to collaborate with us? Do you have a passion for vintage and secondhand clothing? And would you like to receive our clothing for free? Send us a message at webshop@thrifttale.com, we will take care of your message as soon as possible. Please add a link to your Instagram page and a screenshot of your Instagram statistics (at least 3000 followers). ThriftTale will contact you by e-mail, where you will receive all further information for the collaboration.

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