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ThrifTale Utrecht Vredenburg

Step into Timeless Style

Visit Us for a Memorable Shopping Experience!

Nice music is playing, there is natural light through the large ceiling windows in the back of the store. Most importantly, there is a lot of beautiful vintage and second-hand clothing and by beautiful we also mean: high quality, one of a kind and affordable.

There is no better location for the store that is on walking distance from the main train station and across the Tivoli! The range is nice and wide, there is enough vintage goodness for everyone (men and women). You will find y2k pearls, clothing from the 80s, beautiful dresses from the 60s and 70s but also unisex sportswear consisting of tracksuits, sweaters and jackets from various brands such as Adidas, The North Face and Carhartt. And if you are still looking for Levi’s, Lee or Wrangler jeans, it is definitely worth checking out the large jeans collection.

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Vintage shoppen ThriftTale Utrecht Vredenburg 27
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Vintage shoppen ThriftTale Utrecht Vredenburg 27

Our Largest Vintage Store in Utrecht

Our vintage store in Utrecht is our biggest in-person shopping experience.

Amongst the medieval architecture of Utrecht and steeped in the rich history of the city’s musical subculture. Here, you’ll find our best selection of authentic vintage clothes, in our coziest atmosphere.


Where is our vintage store in Utrecht?

Nestled on the Vredenburg, we’re a stone's throw away from where the youth of yesterday rocked out at the iconic music hall, Tivoli Vredenburg.


We’re easy to find.

After leaving the train station, you can stroll through the Hoog Catharijne shopping center and over the beautifully restored Catharijnesinge.

You’ll find us on the other side, between the Tivoli and the Bijenkorf. 


What vintage clothes do we sell there?

We sell authentic vintage, selected from the best decades.

Fashion and its musical influence have been a part of self-expression since the Beatles brought us Mod with their Merseybeat. So we know nothing lets you express yourself more than what you wear.

That’s why we have a little something for everyone, no matter what vibe you’re into.


Unique for your style.

The vintage clothes in our Utrecht store are hand-picked and unique. Our stuff spans decades of iconic, influential trends.

  • Have some hip hop in ‘90s and ‘00s streetwear brands.
  • Grab the best authentic denim for classic country.
  • Or find some disco fever in a retro ‘70s collared shirt or an ‘80s glam gown.

And if you don’t know what you’re after yet? You’ll definitely be inspired when you step inside.


Experience our quality.

The charm of the vintage clothes in our Utrecht store isn’t just in the nostalgic styles; it’s in the quality, too.

  • The durability of the fabric.
  • The structure of the stitching.
  • The attention to detail.
  • And the feeling of finding something that’s really fully lined, with pockets!

It’s why one of our favorite parts of vintage shopping is getting to do it in person. Feeling the quality, discovering those details, and appreciating just how much better things used to be made.

Visiting our Utrecht store in person lets you experience that best-of-the-best quality vintage yourself.


Check your fit.

That vintage quality gives us durable clothes that last decades, but it also leaves less wiggle room for knowing if a size will fit.

So when you visit us, you can:

  • Try on our clothes. See how they fit and feel.
  • In spacious, well-lit fitting rooms.

Vintage clothes often predate the invention of elastane blends. This means - no stretch. And with sizes and shapes changing across each brand and decade we sell, we always recommend trying on before you buy.


Accessorize yourself.

In our Utrecht vintage store, it’s not just clothes; we stock vintage accessories there, too. These in-store exclusives aren’t available online.

  • Bags. From classic leather satchels, to retro gym bags.
  • Hats. From cowboy to baseball caps.
  • Scarves and belts. To tie it together.

So you can put your final ‘fit together with that vintage finishing touch, or just add a little something to an old one.


Are there new clothes in store often?

We won’t be outdone by the speed of high street stores. Our Utrecht store has more choice in vintage clothes than you can dream of, and there's always something new to see.

  • Around 10,000 items in store.
  • New drops every week.
  • Seasonal trends.

Every week, we take out some old stuff and bring in the new trends. So you’ll always find your inspiration for the season here.

And if you’re there on a drop day, you get your pick of the best vintage stuff first.


Are there discounts?

The vintage clothes in our Utrecht store are hand-picked for their quality and details. It’s a process we put a lot of time into. We want them to be things you can buy for life.

For this reason, we don’t do sales.

But, our employees can give you a deal if you purchase multiple items at once. So, if you’ve found your next complete ‘fit, let us know at the till and we’ll see what we can do.


Ready to visit our Utrecht vintage store?