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Article: What To Wear to the Eras Tour: Unique Outfit Ideas to Inspire You

What To Wear to the Eras Tour: Unique Outfit Ideas to Inspire You

What To Wear to the Eras Tour: Unique Outfit Ideas to Inspire You

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour has hit Europe, and with that comes the last-minute panic of what to wear to the Eras Tour!

Social media is packed with fans showing off their Eras Tour outfits. From sequins to cowboy hats, bodysuits, and even the occasional Christmas tree. But if you're still looking for inspiration, don't worry!

I know I want to wear something unique, not fast fashion that's designed to be throwaway. While I may lust after Taylor's custom designer dresses and bodysuits on stage, I know something that special is out of my reach. But as a vintage fashion fan, I can't help but see how Taylor's costumes are inspired by eras of vintage style themselves.

This made me realize - there are a lot of unique and very special vintage clothes out there that would inspire unique Eras Tour outfits. 


So, let's take a look, album by album, era by era, through some vintage inspiration for your Eras Tour outfit.




Eras Tour Outfit Ideas


1. Taylor Swift

Starting off with a throwback to 2006, if you want a cute outfit for the Eras Tour that's a homage to the era that started it all, take some inspiration from Taylor's early outfits as she toured to promote her debut album.


Debut Inspired Outfits for the Eras Tour 

Taylor Swift debut era dresses


For a true debut era Taylor Swift outfit, look for Y2K vintage dresses. When looking back at Taylor's debut style, she wore a lot of halternecks and handkerchief hem dresses, with "boho chic" prints and tiered skirts.

Pair your debut era dress with a pair of cowboy boots and a cowboy hat to really nail the vibe.




2. Fearless

Fearless is the era of sparkly mini dresses, sequins, and fringed dresses. Taylor's Eras Tour Fearless outfit is a modern version of the designer dresses she wore on the original tour.


Fearless Inspired Eras Tour Outfits 

Taylor Swift Fearless dresses


For your Fearless inspired Eras Tour outfit, look for 1920s style flapper dresses. From 70s disco mini dresses to 90s - Y2K disco revival pieces. Anything decorated with elaborate beading, fringing, or large sequins. It needs to make an impact when you twirl around.

Go for gold and silver as the main colors and add some black knee-high boots. 




3. Speak Now

It's time to bring out your ballgowns for Speak Now. Taylor's Eras Tour outfits are an ever-changing assortment of gorgeous designer full-length gowns, all in soft pastel shades.


Speak Now Inspired Eras Tour Outfits

Taylor Swift Speak Now dresses


Anything purple just screams Speak Now, this comes from the association with the purple dress worn on the album cover.

To dress for the Speak Now era, look for long evening dresses from the 70s, 80s and 90s, or shorter Y2K styles with layers and ruffles for volume. Colors like lilac, pastel blue and cream all work for the look.




4. Red

The Red Era has many fun throwbacks to the original Red tour. From black shorts built into the bodysuit, to a sequined version of the 22 t-shirt.


Red Inspired Outfits for the Eras Tour

Taylor Swift Red outfits



If Red is your era, you already know the color of choice! For this outfit, I've taken inspiration from the red and black sequined body suit and coat Taylor wears on the tour.

The beaded 80s corset top and black leather shorts create a cool version of the Red outfit that's easy to wear. Throw on an oversized vintage sequin jacket, and you'll be ready to join in the ATWTMTV!


I bet you think about me

Taylor Swift Red dresses


Multiple incredible red dresses are worn in the I Bet You Think About Me music video that would make standout Eras Tour outfits. Each one is decorated with voluminous red ruffles and roses. These vintage dresses from the 80s and 90s were made for proms and parties. 




5. 1989

The 1989 era features a wardrobe full of coordinating mini skirts and crop top sets that never go out of style, just like the original 1989 era.


1989 Inspired Eras Tour Outfits

Taylor Swift 1989 skirt and tops


The first 1989 costumes were matching beaded sets. These 1980s tops feature delicate beading in cropped styles that are very similar to Taylor's outfits.

The new 1989 outfits mix and match glittery tops and skirts in a rainbow selection of colors. For your own 1989 Era's Tour outfit, go for any brightly colored, beaded, fringed, or glittery crop top and mini skirt. Pick your favorite album-associated color to make it your own style.




6. Reputation

Rep may only have one costume of its own on the Eras Tour, but the original Reputation Stadium Tour had some iconic sequined looks that make this one of the most popular eras to dress for.


Reputation Inspired Eras Tour Outfits 

Taylor Swift Reputation outfits


Black. Sequins. Need I say anymore?  

The 80s have the best selection of unique vintage pieces that look straight out of the Rep tour closet. To dress for the Reputation era, go for a black sequined body suits or top, or a black sequined mini dress.


The old Taylor can't come to the phone anymore

Taylor Swift Reputation snake print skirts and tops


For an easy to wear Reputation outfit, these 80s and 90s snake print skirts are perfect. You, of course, know why. Pair your snake print with these 80s sequined tops for a super cute way to dress for the Rep era that's still wearable after.

Bonus feature to this incredible sequined black butterfly top from the 80s. Bridging the gap between Rep and Lover, this unique top is bound to get so many questions about where you found it!




7. Lover

The opening era for the concert has created the iconic Lover bodysuit that's being recreated all over social media. But if you aren't that into DIY, you can still get a unique sequined Lover fit that will stand out in the crowd.


Lover Inspired Eras Tour outfits

Taylor Swift Lover outfits


It goes without saying, Lover needs pink and glitter! Butterflies are also a recurring motif from debut through to Lover. Just like the 80s top from the Rep outfit before, this butterfly top is another 80s cropped and sequined piece. To dress for the Lover era, pair a sequin top with a patterned sequin skirt. This way you can get the sequined look of the era without going full bodysuit.


I'd be the Man

Taylor Swift The Man Blazers


The perfect layer to throw over any Eras Tour outfit is a fancy blazer. It will keep you warm when you leave, and it has pockets! With bag size restricted in most venues, any pocket space is a huge bonus.

Channel The Man with your own oversized vintage blazer. These vintage blazers come from the 80s, the peak moment for pastel-colored power suits. This vintage pink snake-print blazer deserves a moment to be admired for how perfect it is for this occasion. 




8. folklore

My personal favorite Eras Tour outfit is the bohemian style dresses worn for the folklore and evermore (or now, folkmore) sets. There's just something about swishing around in those chiffon maxi dresses with floaty sleeves!


How To Dress for the Folklore Era

Taylor Swift folklore dresses


Starting off with inspiration from Taylor's costumes and the performances during the folklore era. 

These 70s and early 80s dresses capture the ethereal aesthetic of the folklore outfits so well. They are a homage to Stevie Nicks' 1970s hippy stage style. The long swishing skirts and floaty sleeves will let you feel like you're floating around as you dance.


you put me on and said I was your favorite

Taylor Swift cardigan outfits


And for a comfy take on folklore, there's no better Eras Tour outfit than the look from the cardigan music video. A vintage night dress paired with a cable knit cricket cardigan.

These authentic vintage nightgowns from the 1970s and 80s are a special way to dress for the folklore era. You'll feel like you're stepping right into the cozy vintage feel of the era yourself.




9. evermore

It's time to get witchy for the evermore era. It might be combined with the folklore era now, but evermore is still deserving of it's own Eras Tour outfit.


How To Dress for the Evermore Era

Taylor Swift evermore tour outfits


When it comes to dressing for the evermore era, go for earthy colors like forest green, brown, and deep yellows. Look for textures like velvet and lace, and accessorize with plenty of star-like sparkles.

This 90s cami dress with green lace reminiscent of ivy is a subtle nod to one of evermore's most loved songs. 


wait for the signal and I'll meet you after dark

Taylor Swift evermore tour dress and capes


Pairing a velvet cloak with your vintage dress for the perfect evermore era outfit. The green velvet cloak Taylor and her dancers wear for willow takes her folklore dress from ethereal to matching the witchy woodland vibe of the evermore era.




10. Midnights

One of the most beautiful costumes on the Eras Tour is the Midnights era bodysuit. The deep midnight blue coupled with the beads falling from the suit creates the effects of droplets of rain in the moonlight.


Midnights Inspired Eras Tour Outfit Ideas

Taylor Swift Midnights tour outfits



The 1980s come in again with some banger vintage styles that are perfect for the Midnights era.

Royal blue was an iconic shade in the 80s, combined with the 80s love of all things sequined, beaded, and glam, which means there is a wealth of beautiful vintage pieces out there that look straight off the Eras' stage. 

For your Midnights era outfit, go for one of these beaded 80s pieces. You'll be channeling the Midnight's bodysuit in your own unique style.


Karma is the guy on the Chiefs 

Taylor Swift Karma tour outfits


So, the Karma jacket Taylor wears on the Eras Tour is covered in tinsel tassels. But that's the kind of thing you're probably going to wear once and never have a use for again. To get the Karma vibe but keep it wearable and unique, I've gone for a vintage 90s satin slip dress with a rainbow sequined cardigan.

An alternative option is this metallic dress (to capture all the colors) paired with this beautiful 80s beaded capelet. I love how it mixes the beads from the Midnights body suit with the cover-up of the Karma jacket.




11. The Tortured Poets Department

New to the Eras Tour in 2024 is the Tortured Poets Department set, featuring brand new songs from the newly released album. With an aesthetic centered around tight-laced Victorian fashion that leads into a vibe of 1920s showgirl performing at her own circus, it's a fun new theme to join in with.


TTPD Inspired Eras Tour OutfitsTaylor Swift TTPD tour outfits


The key to a TTPD outfit is the colors. White, black, gold, and silver are all featured in the era's color palette.

A white dress with a tight corset or cinched waist is a perfect Victorian style base, especially one that can be unbuttoned or pinned up. This beaded corset dress with a drop waist and chiffon skirt is a beautiful nod to Clara Bow's 1920s showgirl style.

Paired with a cropped military-style jacket or a glittery, sequined, or satin bolero and some long black gloves.


For a fortnight 

Taylor Swift TTPD tour outfits for Fortnight



A more casual take on a TTPD-inspired outfit could be a recreation of the Victorian looks from the Fortnight music video.

This ruffled-shoulder black blouse and skirt are a low-key way to wear Taylor's look in the video. The high-neck white 80s blouse paired with this handmade corseted skirt matches the Victorian asylum influence from not just the music video, but also the costumes of the dancers during the TTPD set.

Accessorize your TTPD outfit with a choker necklace made from black ribbon or pearls.




Where can you buy unique outfits for the Eras Tour? 

 At ThriftTale, you'll find a selection of unique vintage clothes from the 60s to the 00s. From 70s bohemian dresses straight from the folklore era to an incredible selection of 80s sequined clothes fit for any era that just can't be replicated by fast fashion.

Check out our vintage collections and find your own standout Eras Tour outfit inspired by your favorite Taylor Swift album era.