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Article: Why the Trench Coat is Your Perfect Spring Coat

Why the Trench Coat is Your Perfect Spring Coat

Why the Trench Coat is Your Perfect Spring Coat

It's that in-between season time! You look outside and can't decide what on earth to wear. The sun's out, but there's a grey cloud and chilly breeze. To coat or not to coat, that is the question.

The answer to this spring fashion dilemma? The trench coat.


What is a trench coat?

You know those iconic long coats you see in old movies? The ones with the big lapels, double-breasted front, and belted waist? That's the classic trench coat.

Originally designed for British soldiers back in WWI to help them stay dry in the trenches, the coat has gone from practical to timelessly fashionable in the 100 years it's been around.

For a brief history about the trench coat and it's sibling, the Mackintosh coat, check out our blog on trench coats.

Designers stuck pretty close to the OG trench design over the decades. 
Big lapels, belted waists, double-breasted buttons, and little functional details like wrist straps, pockets, and back vents. Adding new touches like bright colors, contrasting buttons, piping, trims and newer materials.



Why are trench coats perfect for Spring?

The temperature is finally warm enough to pack away the winter wool coats and heavy layers, but not warm enough that you can jump straight into summer clothes.

When there's that little bit of warm sun, but still a chilly breeze and the looming threat of a dark cloud, what are you going to wear?

That's where the trench coat fits in.

Hooded trench coat


  • Trench coats are usually waterproof

You never know what the weather is going to through at you in spring. One minute, it's sunny; the next, there's a sudden April downpour.

So you're going to need something to keep you dry when it does start pouring. Not just your top half, a trench coat will keep your legs fully dry too. Trench coats can be made from waterproof materials or coated with a special layer of waterproofing.


  • Trench coats are lightweight

Unlike waterproof winter coats or heavy-duty rubber or waxed coats, the trench coat is usually lightweight. Older vintage trench coats were made from cotton poplin, newer coats are often made from polyester. 

The original design also features vents at the back for airflow and movement, so you won't overheat in the changeable weather.


  • They're easy to throw on top of anything

If there's one thing that's great about the trench coat, it's how easy it is to through on top of any outfit. Something about chucking on this lightweight but full-length coat and then belting it around the middle just looks put together, no matter what you're wearing or where you're going.




    Trench Coat Colors: Classic Neutrals

    The one color that's everyone's go-to, beige and neutral shades make the trench coat a versatile piece. The neutral colors mix and match with anything worn underneath, so they won't ever go out of style.

     Trench coats from our collection of vintage coats


    Spring Shades

    But when it comes to spring, it's time for a little more color. Trench coats in pastel hues of soft pink, baby blue, or mint green add a pop of bright cheerfulness that makes you feel ready to get out of your winter hibernation.

     Pink trench coat from our collection of vintage coats


    Pastel colors like pink, lavender, and yellow instantly brighten up your mood when the sun doesn't want to come out from behind that cloud!

    Yes. Pastels, for spring? Groundbreaking.

    Teal blue trench coat from our collection of vintage coats


     Or wear some sky-blue shades to try and summon a sunny spring day.



    Why should you buy a vintage or secondhand trench coat?

    • Quality

    Vintage trench coats are made from higher quality materials than modern fast-fashion trench coats.

    From the original cotton gabardine of the earlier decades, to the quality polyester of the 70s to 90s. These fabrics were not only woven to be waterproof, but they were made to last years of wear, rather than just as a seasonal throwaway piece.

    Vintage trench coat labels
    A vintage trench coat label showing the quality that was made to be rain and stain-repellent.


    • Durability

    Vintage trench coats were not only made with higher quality materials, but they were constructed with sturdier patterns and sewing methods. Even the polyester from vintage coats is thicker and tougher than modern polyester, as production was about creating quality products to last.

    These coats stay waterproof and can handle a beating without getting torn or ripped at the seams. They won't crease, stain, or leak in the rain.


    • Sustainability

    Anything that leads to less production of new textiles is always a win, especially when it comes to materials that require a lot of processing, or polyester, that will not decompose and cannot be properly recycled.

    Buying a vintage or secondhand trench coat gets you a quality piece of style that never gets dated, and it's actually sustainable. 


    • Cost

    A high-quality trench coat can usually set you back quite a bit of cash! But with a secondhand or vintage trench coat, you are investing in a quality design that will last you years of wear without having to pay the price it would cost brand new. 



     Where can you buy vintage trench coats?

    At ThriftTale we're all about secondhand and sustainable style. Browse our collection of vintage and secondhand trench coats to bag yourself the perfect piece for your spring wardrobe.

    From classic Burberry trench coats to timeless neutrals and fresh spring colorful shades, our collection of trench coats are hand-picked and professionally authenticated.