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Article: Men's Y2K Fashion: The Top 8 Trends You Need to Know

Men's Y2K Fashion: The Top 8 Trends You Need to Know

Men's Y2K Fashion: The Top 8 Trends You Need to Know

When it comes to talking about Y2K fashion, men’s trends are often forgotten in the shadow of the women's Y2K aesthetic. But the trends in men’s fashion in the early 2000s were far from forgettable!


Men's Y2K Fashion


Streetwear had been gaining momentum in alt-music scenes for decades, and really kicked off with the accessibility to music media that came along with the 00s digital era.

Imagine the time: it’s 2002, and you’ve just gotten access to digital TV and at least three music channels at your fingertips. Flicking between them, there’s a constant stream of the hottest new videos from artists like Usher, Jay-Z, Eminem, Linkin Park, and Blink 182. 

These music channels are where you’d get your inspiration for 00s men's fashion. Baggy trousers, oversized shirts, brand logos, and tattoos were all over music videos from hip hop to pop punk.


Let's take a look at the top men’s Y2K fashion trends you need to know about:





1. Y2K Cargo Pants

Y2K men's cargo pants

Cargo pants were the bread and butter of men’s Y2K fashion.

Cargo pants were perfect because they came in any material, style, or length. A streetwear favorite that adapted to any Y2K trend. From denim to camo, surfer shorts, skater jeans, and tattoo prints.

The key components of cargo pants are, of course, the pockets. Y2K cargo pants were baggy and bold. With straps, prints, and patterns.

 Y2K cargo pants

Men's Y2K cargo pants from our collection





2. Y2K Camo Print

Men's camo print Y2K clothes

We couldn’t get enough camouflage prints in Y2K fashion.

There’s the classic green and brown camo print trousers and jackets, but Y2K camo print was found on every item of clothing in every color.

From shirts to hoodies and vests, bags and pants. In colors from classic green to pink and grey. Head-to-toe camo was actually a cool outfit.

 Y2K camo print clothes


Men's Y2K camo print styles from our collection





3. Men's Y2K Denim

Men's Y2K denim

Men’s Y2K denim was super slouchy and extra.

Denim in the 2000s was never dull. Skater-style jeans were low-waisted and wide-legged in dark washes. Jeans also came with all the other designs of the decade: cargo pant pockets, graffiti designs, rips, fading, buckles, and chains.


Y2K men's jeans 

Men's Y2K jeans from our collection


We heard you like denim, so here's some more denim on your denim.

You would, of course, pair your jeans with a denim jacket or shirt. The washes didn't have to match.


Men's Y2K denim clothes


Men's Y2K denim from our collection





4. Printed Shirts

Y2K men's printed shirts

Baggy shirts with loud prints were popular men's Y2K looks.

Unlike the oversized shirts from the '80s and '90s, which featured geometric and abstract prints, 00s shirts were all about showing off the whole picture.

Featuring anything from landscapes and city streets to graffiti and flames.


Men's Y2K loud printed shirts

Men's Y2K printed shirts from our collection 





5. Hawaiian Shirts

Y2K men's Hawaiian shirts

The Hawaiian shirt was part of the surf-core trend of the early 00s.

The less edgy print when it came to oversized and loudly patterned shirts, Hawaiian shirts were a summer staple. Not just for dads on holiday, in the 00s, surfing was the coolest sport, helped by shows like The OC and brands like Billabong and Quicksilver. 

This made Hawaiian shirts actually trendy.

Anything goes when it came to Hawaiian shirts; Palm trees, flowers, waves, and beach scenes were worn with shell necklaces and cargo shorts (even if you didn’t live near any kind of beach).

 Men's Y2K printed shirts

Men's Y2K Hawaiian shirts from our collection





6. Polo Shirts

Y2K Men's polo shirts

Polo shirts were the preppy shirt option for men’s Y2K fashion.

A simple shirt option compared to the loud and boxy printed shirts, the polo shirt was a cool and preppy style. A favorite from brands like Abercrombie, Hollister, and Ralph Lauren. They looked like maybe you did a cool, rich person's sport, but now you were just going for casual.

It couldn't be just any polo shirt; they had to feature a brand logo, a print, (or just be striped). The collars were usually worn “popped” (stood up).

 Men's Y2K polo shirts

Men's Y2K polo shirts from our collection




7. Y2K Logomania

Y2K men's logo hoodies

Brand logos were king in men's Y2K fashion.

Logomania had everyone in a chokehold in the early 00s. It was an era all about showing off in the loudest possible way. The bigger the logo, the better. Logos of the hottest brands were front and center (and back) on every item of clothing.

To wear something unbranded was basically a fashion crime.


Men's Y2K logo branded clothes

Men's Y2K brand logo clothes from our collection



8. Tattoo Inspired Prints

Y2K men's tattoo inspired clothesSkulls, flames, dragons, and decorative text were all over 00s fashion.

Not allowed to get a tattoo yourself? No worries, cause 00s fashion had it covered.

From "tribal" inspired designs, to dragons and decorative lettering in elaborate calligraphy. Brands like Ed Hardy made wearing tattoos on your literal sleeves a huge trend.

Tattoo prints filled the tacky and flashy niche for men's fashion that diamante and glitter butterflies did for women's trends. 


Men's Y2K tattoo inspired clothes

Men's Y2K tattoo-inspired shirts from our collection





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